complete solution for distribution of iCalendar file from web servers or local filesystem to GroupWise users

Supported versions: GW 6.5 | GW 7 | GW 8 | Teaming | GW 2014

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How does it work?

The iCal2GW synchronizing service synchronizes events, tasks and milestones from calendars in the iCal format (the Novell Teaming portal) into GroupWise application calendars. New version 2.8 fully support Teaming 2.0 (all authentication methods) and Groupwise 8.1 with re-creation of deleted calendars.

iCal2GW Function Scheme
iCal2GW Function Scheme

Examples of deployment options for small, medium and large networks
Examples of deployment
options for small, medium
and large networks

The content of a single source (a folder on the Teaming portal) can be synchronized with calendars of any number of users, even if their mailboxes are located on different GroupWise servers. Accordingly, the contents of several folders located on different Teaming source servers can be synchronized into a mailbox of a single user.

Tasks on the Teaming portal can be synchronized into GroupWise as tasks or as events, depending on which type of displaying is better for the respective folder. The GroupWise calendar doesn't include an appropriate type of item for milestones; therefore, milestones are displayed as daylong events on the day, the date of which is provided in the "Until" field.

Note! - Unless a date is set with a task on the Teaming portal, the task will not be transferred into GroupWise as it will not be included in the ics.


The number of required licenses is based on the number of source items on the Novell Teaming portal, from which the synchronization should be performed - 1 source item = 1 license. The license file(s) must be stored in the folder, in which the application is installed, in the licenses subfolder, in a folder defined in the configuration file (see Configuration).

Unless a license file is found in the respective folder upon the first start, the application shall be launched in the trial mode – the synchronization will be carried out, but the text **TRIAL MODE** will be entered into the “subject” field of all items transferred to GroupWise. The trial mode will be terminated automatically after the application detects any valid license file in the respective folder.

A single license file may contain any number of licenses. If more license files are stored in the respective folder, the number of licenses is accumulated. It means that you can simply increase the number of synchronized source items without any harm to licenses issued before.

Licensing example
Licensing example

The picture shows a situation, in which the license file called lic1.key containing 25 licenses for a period of two years was bought at first. During the first year, the number of source folders to be synchronized was extended by another 50, thus the second license file called lic2.key was purchased containing 50 licenses for the period of 3 years. The total number of licenses grew to 75, but only for the period for which the original licensing file was in effect. At the moment of expiry of the original file the total number of active licenses dropped to 50 (only the second license file will be in effect). To maintain the synchronization from all source folders, it would be necessary to purchase another 25 licenses again (or as many as required to synchronize the content of all source folders).

Note - License files can be added while the application is running; the number of licenses is checked before every synchronization event.

In the user box, which is set as adminAccountId in the configuration file, messages will be automatically created notifying of approaching expiry of any license file (thirty day in advance for the first notice, and then one day before the expiry another one). A warning will be created also if any license file with expired validity or any invalid or damaged file is stored in the license folder - in such cases the message will be created every day (or as soon as the application is started).

The current price is for a license with one year validity, in following years you will pay only 60% of actual price.

System requirements

  • Java jdk1.6.0_11 Sun
  • GroupWise 8.0 or higher
  • approximately 20 MB of free disk space



Source calendars USD
5 190,-
25 640,-
50 970,-
100 1.620,-
250 2.590,-
unlimited 3.250,-


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