application which downloads e-mail from selected POP3 boxes in pre-defined intervals ad forwards them to the GroupWise environment

Supported versions: GW 6.5 | GW 7 | GW 8 | Teaming | GW 2014

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About GWFetchMail

GWFetchMail serves to search through email messages in selected domain pages supporting the access using the POP3 protocol and to forward them to the GroupWise environment. The number of domain and servers is unlimited. As it is an application running as a service (daemon) on a server (for example on a GW server), messages are downloaded continuously regardless whether users have their GroupWise client on. Messages can also be easily delivered to a mobile device and shared and rules can be created for them. A set of routing rules can be created for each source.

Authorized users can configure the service directly from the GroupWise client by simply saving a message containing the server address, user name and password.

Messages are delivered to GroupWise through GWIA and pass through preset control mechanisms. Therefore, using GWFetchMail isn’t very risky. To prevent system overload, you can limit the maximum number of messages downloaded from every mail box within a single cycle and the maximum age of messages to be processed.

Correlation Database

Messages are downloaded from the source mailbox always just once. Upon successful downloading, a record is made in the correlation database, and messages already downloaded are ignored when the received messages in the pop3 mailbox are checked later.

The correlation database is stored in the folder containing the application in the sub-folder corr. A sub-folder is created automatically for each pop3 mailbox defined in the configuration file or for user configuration with the name composed of the user name and address of the mailbox, which contains relevant database files. If database files are deleted, all messages shall be transferred during the next access to the mailbox.


The number of required licenses is based on the number of source POP3 mailboxes, the contents of which should be downloaded by the application. Domain licenses and user mailbox licenses are granted separately. A license file may contain both types of licenses. The license file(s) must be stored in the folder, in which the application is installed, in the licenses subfolder, or – respectively – in a folder defined in the configuration file (see Configuration).

If no license file is found in the respective folder upon the first launch, the application shall be launched in the trial mode – messages will be downloaded but the Subject field of all messages transferred to GroupWise shall contain the text TRIAL *. The trial mode shall be terminated automatically after the application detects a valid license file in the respective folder.

Unless the folder contains a sufficient number of licenses for all source mailboxes, the content of mailboxes, to which no licenses apply, will not be downloaded (their names will be entered in the log). Licenses are allocated to source mailboxes step-by-step, and not necessarily in the sequence, in which they are listed in the configuration file. If in the case of too few licenses it is necessary to pick manually any mailboxes, the contents of which should not to be downloaded, just add the option disabled="true" in the configuration file in the source mailbox parameter, for example: <POP3 host="" username="psmith" password="pwd487" suffix=" [Centrum]" delete="false" ruleset="tdp" disabled="true" />

Note – License files can be added while the application is running; the number of licenses is checked in every cycle.

In the user box, which is set as adminAccountId in the configuration file, messages will be generated automatically notifying of approaching expiry of any license file (with the first notice to be generated thirty days in advance and another one day before the expiry). A warning message will be generated also if any license file with expired validity or any invalid or damaged file is stored in the license folder – in such cases the message will be generated every day (or as soon as the application is started).


GWFetchMail 2.5 - Administrator Guide


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