serves to determine the use of e-mail addresses in the eDirectory

Supported versions: GW 6.5 | GW 7 | GW 8 | Teaming


Upon entering the first name, the surname and the domain set in the configuration file, an e-mail address shall be automatically composed according to one of the available rules. The following options are available:

[given name initial][surname]@domain = JSmith@domain
[given name].[surname]@domain = John.Smith@domain
[surname].[givenname]@domain = Smith.John@domain

The default rule, i.e. the rule according to which e-mail addresses are composed primarily, is selected in the configuration file; you can try the other two options by selecting them in the combobox.

After clicking on Find a search will be carried out in the eDirectory, and if an e-mail address corresponding with the entered data is found, the first name, the surname and the name of the subject of the user, to which it applies, will appear.

If you use GroupWise 8, it would be more convenient to allow a new feature to simplify the searches for used e-mail addresses, which inserts any potential formats of user e-mail addresses into the multi-value attribute for e-mail addresses in the eDirectory (ConsoleOne -> Tools -> GroupWise System Operations -> Internet Addressing -> Publish to eDirectory).


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